The new Subaru XV Sport Concept

June 30, 2015 at 7:03 pm

As part of the annual International Tokyo Motor Show the Japanese company Subaru has officially unveiled a concept compact cross XV Sport Concept, the announcement of which was held late last year. The car has received a unique body color Sunrise Yellow, a plurality of carbon fiber and 150-horsepower boxer engine. Conceptual SUV Subaru XV Sport Concept has a lot of unique details and looks a lot of sports news the US market.

Subaru XV Sport Concept picture

Subaru XV Sport Concept pics

Conceptual sports SUV XV Sport Concept, which is how the company is positioning novelty Subaru, boasts a matte black roof, aerodynamic carbon fiber trim, “wing”, a massive diffuser mesh radiator grille and unique 17-inch wheels made of light alloys that “shod” in sporting 225/55 tires.

Subaru XV Sport Concept pics

Subaru XV Sport Concept image

The original yellow body and sporty styling is continued in the interior concept Subaru XV Sport Concept. The basic color of interior decoration is black. But what are these bright yellow accents! In addition, the interior concept has received sports seats with Alcantara inserts.

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