Subaru will abandon the development of BRZ model

March 15, 2015 at 10:00 pm

Coupe Subaru BRZ is not likely to get the next generation. The company Toyota had project for plans to expand its cooperation with BMW for developing sports cars.
Most likely, the next generation of Toyota GT 86, a joint project of Toyota and Subaru, will be created in conjunction with the Bavarian company. The car should be a powerful, prestigious and get the latest hybrid technology. In this case, the second-generation Subaru BRZ simply will not exist.

Subaru BRZ pics

Subaru BRZ pics

Recall that Toyota and BMW have entered into an agreement under which will work together to build some cars. As part of a long-term cooperation companies will develop the power plant on fuel cells, a new type of battery and light composite materials. Cooperation will last until 2020.

Subaru BRZ pics

Subaru BRZ image

In the near future the company will finish work on a new type of battery that will fundamentally change the attitude of consumers to electric cars. The main difference between the new batteries is more significantly in their capacity and rate of charge replenishment. According to the director of marketing for BMW Ian Robertson, the use of batteries for electric cars will make the serial transport much more attractive for the average consumer.

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