Concept Subaru STI Performance is presented at the Auto Show in New York

May 29, 2015 at 6:59 pm

Corporation Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd, manufacturer of automobiles Subaru unveiled a concept car STI Performance Concept at the international auto show in New York.
It is expected that STI Performance Concept will make its expansion in the US market in three main areas: after-sales service, advanced cars and motor racing.

Concept Subaru STI Performance  picture

Concept Subaru STI Performance pics

Thanks to technology and components STI – the suspension is not completed yet, brake system and exterior changes emphasize STI commitment to motorsport. The model is equipped with 2.0 liter racing version boxer turbo EJ20, which is also used in cars Subaru racing series Super GT.

Concept Subaru STI Performance  pics

Concept Subaru STI Performance image

In May 2014 concern FHI announced a new management strategy – “Prominence 2020″, whose purpose – steady growth of the company. According to the strategy, by 2020, FHI, being a small-sized high-tech company differs by its unique advantages. To achieve this goal the company will focus on two main areas – improving the Subaru brand and building powerful business structures, so is expected to increase profitability and improve tolerance to changes in the business environment.

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