Subaru asked customers to choose the name of the successor of Tribeca

June 17, 2015 at 11:00 pm

It has one of the readers of the blog Jalopnik turned out a questionnaire, which was allegedly the company Subaru has sent its customers. In one of the questions asked to assess customers’ six possible names of the future seven-seat model. According to unconfirmed reports, this machine should be the successor to the Tribeca.

Subaru Tribeca prototype pics

Subaru Tribeca prototype pics

The choice offered to customers’ names Ascent, Centauri, Colombia, Cypress, Meridian and Sojourn. Is the image of the real user applications, cannot be determined.
In November 2013 it became known that US dealers have turned to Subaru with a request to release a new seven-passenger crossover. President of Fuji Heavy Industries, which owns Subaru, confirmed that such a model is included in the company’s plans.

Subaru Tribeca prototype pics

Subaru Tribeca prototype image

The release of Subaru Tribeca SUV was stopped in 2014.
In February of this year it has been published spy shots of the prototype, which Subaru felt on public roads. According to one version, the successor of Tribeca will be “mule”.

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