Subaru cars will see beyond

March 1, 2015 at 6:34 pm

The updated system EyeSight will help Subaru cars to see beyond.
Subaru cars will receive the updated system EyeSight, which now sees much further than any other cars.
Japanese automaker Subaru has announced the debut of the new and improved version of its security system called EyeSight. Installation on production machines will begin shortly. EyeSight is a system of monitoring the traffic situation on the basis of multiple cameras. It improves the performance of security systems and reduces the load on the driver. Colored stereo camera can detect objects about 40% more in comparison with the previous version.

Subaru picture

Subaru pics

Also EyeSight system in case of obstacles on the road can stop the vehicle at a speed of 50 km / h (for the first generation of this figure is equal to 30 km / h). Information transmitted from the camera to the computer that is directly connected to the vehicle braking system and electronic throttle control.

EyeSight Subaru pics

EyeSight Subaru picture

EyeSight system also includes adaptive cruise control. But this is not possible EyeSight limited. In Subaru new system will also be available for monitoring the dead zone, the lane change control and traffic at the stern of the vehicle.

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