Successor of the big crossover Tribeca will be built on the chassis Subaru Outback

April 22, 2015 at 7:58 pm

Subaru Company is considering the possibility of using all-terrain wagon chassis Outback and Legacy sedan to create a new seven-seat crossover. This model would be the successor of Tribeca. This is with reference to the project manager Outback and Legacy Masayauki Uchida said the publication Motoring.
Uchida said that in its current form the platform, the distance between the axes is equal to 2745 millimeters, is not suitable for a seven-seat crossover. Top-manager of Subaru added that the new model chassis upgrade, making it longer and wider.

Subaru Tribeca pics

Subaru Tribeca image

It is expected that the new model Subaru appear until 2017: to increase production volumes of the American enterprise of the Japanese brand.

Subaru Tribeca picture

Subaru Tribeca pics

In November 2013 it was announced that a new seven-seat crossover to make the automaker asked dealers. To the president of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., which owns Subaru, Yasuyuki Yosinagu this proposal has been accessed American partners. Top manager confirmed that the model is included in the company’s plans, but the date of her debut not named.

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