The company has modernized Subaru BRZ coupe

March 10, 2015 at 11:33 pm

Subaru Company introduced an updated version of the coupe BRZ for the Japanese market. Earlier, similar improvements received Toyota GT86.
Changes coupe BRZ minimal: the model received a new key, “fin” on the roof instead of the previous antenna, inserting inside the “carbon look”, as well as an upgraded suspension.

Subaru BRZ picture

Subaru BRZ pics

The updated coupe change fastening front suspension and rear shock absorbers. Moreover, these shocks will be finalized, will reduce body roll and improve the responsiveness of the steering.
The power plant has remained the same. BRZ coupe is equipped with two-liter boxer engine producing 200 horsepower, which is aggregated with six-step “mechanics”.

Subaru BRZ pics

Subaru BRZ image

As for the new set of options, it is now offered to customers Version R Customize Package, which is an “improved” base case. It differs from it in the presence of air conditioning and carpet in the luggage compartment. In addition, the added top version S – with a new cruise control (what it has changed, is not specified), as well as sound system with eight speakers and an amplifier.

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